Sunday, August 24, 2014

Three Brief Bits Of TV Talk

1. I need not have worried, of course. Peter Capaldi is just as good as we were all expecting him to be.

2. I am deeply bummed about the (surprisingly unceremonious) dismissal of the secondary team from Mythbusters. And not just because I have a terrible crush on Grant Imahara. Although I do.

3. On the DVD front, I've now started season two of Dead Like Me, and I've come to enjoy it enough that I'm feeling miffed that there isn't all that much left to watch. Up until now, I had not realized what a sad deficit of Mandy Patinkin there has been in my life.


  1. 1. I don't know if I was sold on everything that happened in that episode -- I'm starting to feel Moffat should just make the Vastra, Jenny, and Strax spin-off he clearly wants to make -- but Capaldi was great in it. I'm very intrigued by what it says about the developing relationship between the Doctor and Clara. (As much as I like Jenna Coleman, I'm not sure the character's distinguished herself enough before this.)

    2. I have never watched Mythbusters, but I've been hearing a lot about this, particularly the unceremonious-ness of it, which seems odd.

    3. Patinkin really is great. The fact that he didn't return for the "Life After Death" movie is at least part of the reason why I still haven't broken down and watched it.

    1. 1. While I enjoyed it a lot, overall, there were some things in the episode I wasn't thrilled about, mostly in the way it tries a little too hard to send viewers the "No, really, you must accept this guy as the Doctor, older face, Scottish accent and all!" message. Especially as I think Clara's reactions feel much more designed to serve that end than to make sense in light of previous events, which does the character something of a disservice. That being said, though, I do like the snarky-but-functional dynamic she and the new Doctor seem to be developing, and she does get one or two great moments. I'm optimistic that now that she's no longer required to remain a mystery, she'll start to feel more substantial as a character.

      2. Mythbusters is pretty darned great. Never mind the horde of inferior imitators it appears to have spawned. I can't help but wonder what the heck kind of decision-making went into that announcement, though.

      3. He's not in it?! Dammit. I guess I will be back to having a dearth of Mandy Patinkin in my life a little too soon.

    2. I kept wanting to shout at the screen, "Look, we've seen Doctor Who. We know about regeneration. You don't have to do this hard a sell."

      And Henry Ian Cusick replaces Patinkin in the spin-off movie.

    3. Maybe there is a segment of the audience that needs a little bit of hand-holding, but even they surely shouldn't need quite that much.

      And Henry Ian Cusick? I have no idea how to feel about that...