Sunday, August 10, 2014

August Currentlies

Yes, it's this thing. Again!

Current clothes: Blue jeans. White socks. Black t-shirt that says, "I'd rather be sleeping" (aka, my Official Night Shift T-Shirt).

Current mood: More or less OK, with some kind of lurking restlessness/annoyance/anxiety hanging out in the back of my brain.

Current music: More random-shuffle stuff from the iPod, while I was doing some housework the other day. I don't remember what-all it gave me, other than that at one point there were back-to-back Stevie Nicks songs, because randomness is interesting.

Current annoyance: So many annoyances. So. Many. Basically, the human condition is inherently annoying, and I am not exempt from it the way I TOTALLY SHOULD BE. Dammit.

Current thing: Playing lots of Zombie Tsunami on my new laptop.

Current desktop picture: Still this one.

Current book: Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. As a Peter Pan prequel, it's a bit odd, maybe in part because it's less J.M. Barrie and more Disney. But, on its own terms, it's a really fun little kids' adventure story.

Current song in head: My brain has mostly been playing medleys of Weird Al songs lately. At the moment, it's mainly "Perform This Way" with occasional diversions into "Living with a Hernia." Which certainly makes for an interesting combination.

Current refreshment: Nothing. I just brushed my teeth.

Current DVD in player: I just finished season 1 of Dead Like Me. I wasn't too sure about it at fist. I think its sense of humor is perhaps a little too deadpan to be easily appreciated. But it really grew on me. I will definitely be watching the rest of it.

Current worry: I have done so much worrying over so many stupid things lately that I am now only allowed to worry during designated periods. Of which this is not one. So, next question.

Current thought:I wouldn't actually rather be sleeping right now, since I only woke up a couple of hours ago. But I would like to go out for some pancakes and then spend the rest of my evening lying on the sofa reading, cuddling my cats, maybe watching a movie. But it's off to another 12-hour night shift I go! Hopefully it should at least be pretty quiet.


  1. Dead Like Me takes some strange turns along the way, and was never quite perfect, but I was a big fan. That said, I've heard very mixed things about the Dead Like Me direct-to-DVD movie and have still yet to watch it.

    Until Hannibal, I probably would have called it my favorite Bryan Fuller series.

    1. I have the rest of the series, plus the movie, on my Netflix queue. I'll be interested to see where they go with it, although it doesn't seem like they probably had time enough to go very far with it.

      Hannibal is also on the queue... somewhere.

    2. Hannibal is a very different show, of course. Its sense of whimsy -- and it does have one -- is much more disturbing.

    3. I would expect nothing else. :)