Thursday, June 19, 2014

An Offer

Hey, look, it's a post that has absolutely nothing to do with me having or recovering from surgery!

Here's the thing: I have this coupon code for a free two-month subscription to Oyster. This is a new-ish service that seems pretty nifty for those who are into eBooks. It's been described as something like Netflix for books: you pay a flat monthly fee, and you get access to any of the eBooks in their catalog, which looks like it has a pretty good selection. I'm not going to use it myself, though, partly because I don't have an electronic device I enjoy reading on, and partly because, well, I have already accumulated 700-plus paper books that I have yet to read, and I'm pretty sure once I start on eBooks, I am doomed.

So, if anybody is interested, let me know! The first person to request it, either by commenting here or e-mailing me, can have the code for the free trial subscription.


  1. Oh wow. I'm sorry, Betty. I know I've been absent, but I'm sorry to have missed the things about your surgery. I'm glad that it's gone ok, and I hope that this post not being about recovery means that you're doing well....

  2. Any idea how the site decided on the name "Oyster"?