Monday, June 30, 2014

An Announcement

Hello! I am still alive! (And doing pretty well. More about the state of me later, maybe.) But, more importantly -- or at least, important to a much larger number of people -- the BBC has announced when the new season of Doctor Who will start. Mark your calendars for August 23! It looks like BBC America will be continuing to show them the same day as they air in the UK, which is not remotely surprising. I'm pretty sure if they stopped doing that now, they'd have a Whovian riot on their hands. And nobody wants that. People'd be getting strangled with 12-ft. scarves, you'd have impassioned speeches being yelled at you involving phrases like "unlimited rice pudding," sonic screwdrivers would be shoved everywhere. It'd be chaos.

Anyway. Until then, I will continue avoiding spoilers and attempting not to die of impatience. It's gonna be tough...


  1. I was visiting my parents over the weekend, and was talking away to them over a meal, until I caught sight of the DW trailer and date. For some reason, they thought that my leaping for my diary was a bit of an over-reaction....

  2. Not to mention rampant tossing of fish fingers and custard.