Friday, March 07, 2014

Currently, I Am Still Here. Really.

I appear to be in some sort of blogging slump lately. But, hey, there's always this!

Current clothes: Gray sweatshirt from the VLA with a glow-in-the-dark picture of one of the antennas. Blue jeans. Brown boots. Gray science-themed socks with pictures of radiation symbols and Bohr atoms and various pieces of labware on them.

Current mood: Not too bad. At least I got enough sleep today.

Current music: Nothing much. I was listening to some random-shuffle stuff while doing a bit of housework the other day, but I don't now remember what any of it was.

Current annoyance: Not being fantastically wealthy. Or even modestly wealthy. That would be perfectly fine.

Current thing: Playing Organ Trail: The Director's Cut. Which is more fun than you'd expect it to be, somehow. (And, no, the spelling is not a typo.)

Current desktop picture: Still the same books as last month.

Current book: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken. Which I suspect may be the kind of kids' book I'd have liked a lot better if I'd read it when I was still a kid. But I'm only a very little ways into it, so we'll see.

Current song in head: All is quiet in the ol' brain right now. Mercifully enough, considering some of the stuff that's been stuck in there lately.

Current refreshment: I just finished a light dinner of fruit, bread, and tea. Also a Toblerone.

Current DVD in player: Nothing at the moment, since Netflix keeps not sending me Sherlock. While I'm waiting, I've been streaming Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. Which is a show that is either really stupid or actually kind of brilliant. Either way, it's surprisingly entertaining.

Current worry: I should know better than to google medical stuff. I need to keep reminding myself that the people who experience horrible problems with a drug or procedure or condition are vastly, disproportionately likely to be the ones who go on the internet and talk about it.

Current thought: Um... No matter where you go, there you are?

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