Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The State Of Me

Various things:

I still have a cold. The congestion is rather less today, which is nice, because I enjoy breathing. But I still feel tired and ooky. It doesn't help that I keep not getting nearly enough sleep lately for various annoying reasons. Of course, if the cold is (maybe? hopefully?) slacking off, the pollen count is rising, so if my nose is less stuffy, it's also more itchy. Because I really can't win.

So, it looks like I am going to be having the hysterectomy. In May, if all goes well. I am still pretty nervous about it, but... But I do want this troublesome, useless-to-me organ to go away. And I find that when I think about the idea of never having another period again, I am filled with a deep and inexpressible joy. (I could talk more about my medical issues, but that would probably mostly involve me ranting a lot about insurance-related stuff, and that's a tedious subject, even to me.)

I have a new wall heater! One which hopefully will not make any attempts to gas me. So, that's one major thing taken care of, anyway. Now if only everything else expensive can keep from breaking for a while while I desperately attempt to make progress on paying off the medical bills.

And that's the state of me at the moment, more or less. I'm unwell and close to broke, but at least I'm warm and, if I'm very lucky, I might already own a lifetime supply of tampons.

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