Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lost In Space

So, I went out to see Gravity tonight. Having now experienced both, I can tell you that it looks fantastic if the theater's 3D projector is functioning correctly, and utterly terrible if it's not. Fortunately, they did get it fixed, and it turns out to be a pretty impressive and exciting movie when you can actually see it properly. I did notice an instance or two of iffy physics -- The Bad Astronomy blog has a nice breakdown of what's accurate and what's not, if you're interested -- but for once I honestly didn't mind.


  1. I think it's rare that a film is worth seeing in 3D, but this definitely is. I saw it in 3D IMAX ("lie-MAX," depending on who you ask, but it wasn't filmed using IMAX cameras, so I'm okay with just the bigger screen and better sound). I can't even imagine seeing this any other way, and certainly no on video or television. It's all spectacle -- a fun thrill ride -- that seems like it would just be lost entirely on a smaller screen.

    1. Yeah, I made a special point of going to the theater to catch it in 3D instead of waiting for the DVD, because it absolutely seemed like the sort of movie that would require it for the proper effect. And I'm very glad I did... But, man, that projector issue was damned annoying. We weren't getting actual 3D, which was bad enough, but everything that wasn't in the foreground was doubled. It was like watching it without the glasses on. Which, needless to say, I do not recommend.