Friday, May 31, 2013

Random Links (Biblioholic Edition)

Which DOCTOR WHO Library Is the Best DOCTOR WHO Library?: I can't decide, either!

Tsundoku: The Japanese have a word for it. That's oddly reassuring to know. (Also, holy crap, that Bookshelf Porn blog gets me disturbingly excited.)

25 Signs You’re Addicted To Books: I definitely qualify. But you knew that.

bookbookgoose: Shows you random books from Amazon. Very, very random books. I could keep clicking this all day.


  1. Given that both libraries were infested by bad things, I'll vote for the planet, since there are all the books you could possibly need.

    The thing which disturbs me about the Bookshelf Porn blog is that several of the photos show places where not all of the shelves are filled (either empty space or non-book items). How dare they? They're not trying hard enough!

    Oh, and why not contribute pics of your own house?

    1. Of course, if you're in the TARDIS library, you can also instantly travel to any other library, and then be in a library inside a library. Which... has a certain appeal.

      Empty shelves are, indeed, disturbing. Except when they're clearly there as space for a rapidly expanding book collection to rapidly expand into.

      Sadly, I suspect no one is going to want to spend a lot of time looking at my Wal-Mart bookcases.

  2. Tsundoku is a great word. Linking it to "tsunami" I'd guess that the "tsun" part might mean "flood".