Friday, October 19, 2012

See! It Is Shiny!

Look, it's my new car!


  1. You weren't kidding about it being a "sub-compact", were you? Is there a sun roof, so I can fit in it if you give me a ride? Or do I just have to hang my head out the window, like a dog? Geez, I think I could wear that for Halloween! :)

  2. Actual looks are deceiving are these types of cars. They are much roomier than they appear :)

  3. pretend I proofread that comment. Go OSU!

  4. Close enough, Kath! And she's right. There's a lot more space in there than it looks like. Of course you, Captain C., might still find it a little cramped, string bean that you are, but I think we can get you in there. :)

  5. Also, good grief, blogspot! If it takes a human three attempts to answer your CAPTCHA correctly, maybe it's too hard...

    Also also, hello, Betty! :-)

    1. Bah, CAPTCHAs are getting worse and worse. Possibly because computers are getting better and better, I dunno. I'd love to turn them off, but as I recall, the reason I turned them on in the first place is because the spam was getting too much for me. Stupid spammers ruin everything.

      And, hello! :)