Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time Was, We'd Just Buy One, Plug It In, Slap On Some Bunny Ears, And Call It Done.

For ages now, I've been moaning that I need a new TV. I don't even care that much about having HD, or whatever, but the clunky old CRT model I currently have in my living room is starting to drive me crazy. It's just way too small by today's standards. I watch movies on DVD, and I feel like I'm having trouble making out half of what's going on when things get all special effect-y. Worse, it's not a widescreen TV, and it's starting to drive me crazy trying to watch The Daily Show when a good chunk of the picture is cut off on either side.

So, I have embarked on steps towards replacing my old, 20th century TV with a new 21st century one. There are, as it turns out, many, many, many steps. To wit:

1. Buy new TV stand, so I have something to put it on, since the old entertainment center does not have enough space for a larger TV. Also buy DVD shelves to replace the ones attached to the old entertainment center.

2. Buy TV!!! And somehow get large TV home in not-large car.

3. Dismantle old entertainment center, which is kind of in bad shape, anyway, and scrap it.

4. Shampoo living room carpet while we're clearing furniture out of there, because dear lord, does it need it.

5. Assemble new TV stand.

6. Set up TV.

7. Assemble DVD shelves and re-shelve all the DVDs.

8. Arrange for digital cable service, because the ancient basic cable I have already looks crappy on my current TV.

So far, I have completed step 2. I think the rest of it is going to have to wait until the weeked. Sigh. I think there should be a rule that things that cost you a crapload of money should not also have to cost you a crapload of hassle and time.


  1. I'm glad to see that those steps don't necessarily have to be done in the order listed. Granted, #4 should be done after #3 (and before #7), but I think I'd do #6 right after #2, so you won't miss any viewing opportunities (even if you have the TV and DVD player sitting on the floor).

    1. Well, if I set up the TV in the living room first, I won't be able to clean the carpet underneath it. And I bought a very large, very heavy TV, which I am not moving once it's in place.

      There is a step 2b there that I left out, though, which is "finish watching the DVD with the last five episodes of the show I'm currently addicted to." Because there will be no messing about with the TV whatsoever until after that happens. Fortunately, it's a half-hour show. So my plans for tonight are set. :)