Saturday, September 01, 2012

Let's Play Some Bowling!

In honor of the fact that the new season is about to start, here is some Doctor Who celebrity bowling! And they may be good at traveling through time and space, but, boy, are they terrible at this. Except for Karen Gillan, who clearly has some sort of bizarre telekinetic power, because she should not be doing that well with technique that bad.


  1. 1) Calling that "technique" is generous. Then again, compared to Smith and Moffatt...

    2) I'm glad they finally admitted that the Americans had an advantage because of the sport chosen.

    3) I think I've aged better than Wil Wheaton, even though he still has all his hair.

  2. 1) Seriously. Did you wince like me every time Moffatt lofted that ball? I'm half surprised he didn't put a hole in the lane!

  3. Under ordinary, non-wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey circumstances, Moffat's "technique" would have had him politely escorted out of the bowling alley. :)

    (Can I just add: the CAPTCHAs have gotten really awful for posting.)

    1. Very possibly! I've seen four-year-olds treat the lanes with more respect. :)

      And that's annoying to hear about the CAPTCHAs. (I don't see them, at least not on my own blog, so I'll take your word for it.) Man, I'd like to turn them off, but given some of my past experiences with spam... :(