Monday, May 07, 2012

Is It Time For This Again Already?

Current clothes: Tan jeans. A sort of olive-green-ish t-shirt with the words "Delaware: Small But Wonderful" and a picture of a ladybug on it. (It was a gift from one of my aunts who lives in Delaware.) White socks. Brown hiking boots.

Current mood: Not very good. I did not sleep anywhere near late enough today, considering that I'm starting graveyard shifts tonight, and it's an unfortunate fact that my mood is largely dependent on my sleeping patterns. So I started today feeling anxious, moved on to a sort of generalized unhappiness, and am now just feeling kind of grumpy. Bah. But, hey, I've only got 13 hours or so until I can sleep again!

Current music: More random-shuffle stuff on the iPod. I think the last thing it threw out was some U2.

Current annoyance: I mentioned the grumpy sleep-deprivation thing, right?

Current thing: I guess it's actually getting out and doing things. I've been to the movies twice in the last month, and of course there was the Weird Al concert (which was great, as usual). On Friday, I'm going to see Penn & Teller in Albuquerque, which I'm rather excited about, and then on Saturday I have a wedding to attend. For me, that's a whirlwind of activity. I'm sure it will surprise no one if I say I'm more usually the stay-at-home-with-a-good-book type.

Current desktop picture: Still the same Hawaiian mountain. Which I've been tired of since this time last month, but have been too lazy to change.

Current book: By Light Alone by Adam Roberts. Which is quite good so far.

Current song in head: Scott Bakula by Sunspot. See "current DVD" below.

Current DVD in player: Disc 2 of season 3 of Quantum Leap. I'm also finally just about finished with season 1 of The Twilight Zone.

Current refreshment: Nothing. I should rectify that.

Current worry: Bah, I am worried about everything. The existence of entropy seems to make worry inevitable.

Current thought: I've watched six episodes of Quantum Leap so far, and Scott Bakula has managed to take his shirt off in half of them. Not that I'm remotely complaining. Anyway, I keep remembering that episode of Buffy where Xander decides he's had more than enough of accidentally dating demon chicks, announces that he's decided to go gay, and asks whether he's doing it right. "I'm picturing Scott Bakula naked." Yeah, Xander, that's doing it right. No one can love you like Scott Bakula can love you!


  1. Bakula does some genuinely good work in Enterprise...but you have to watch all of Enterprise, which, despite some personal fondness for much of it, I can't really recommend.

    1. He must've gotten better after I stopped watching, then. I was rather excited when he was cast, figuring he'd be a great choice for a starship captain, but found him disappointingly flat in the part, in a way he never was on Quantum Leap. I'm rather inclined to blame the writing, though. I blame the writing for a lot of things on that show.

  2. The show is a lot better than it was given credit for...and a lot worse. Ultimately a failure, ending on a really terrible note, with some terrible episodes and decisions made along the way. But also some surprisingly good moments -- even episodes!

    I swear -- high praise -- Enterprise is not entirely awful!

    1. At least it was better than Voyager. Well, maybe. Voyager often tended to actively annoy me. Enterprise, I mostly just found incredibly dull. Which isn't to say that I don't believe you that it had its moments. But I have very little desire to go back and try to find them.