Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project No More Damned Kittens: The Next Generation

The last few days have been annoying in all kinds of ways which are mostly too boring and/or I am too tired out by to get into, but I have accomplished at least one major thing: little Newt is now spayed, as well as being healthy and adorable. I just picked her up at the vet's, and he says it went well, so, yay. (Although she's not very "yay," poor little thing. She's much more, "Let me out of this kennel!")

Once she's had time to recover, Operation Find Newt a Home will begin in full force. Because much as I love the little critter, she really, really needs to go and live somewhere with fewer cats. Especially fewer intractably hostile cats. We'll see if I can find somewhere for her before I have to leave town to visit my sister in June. Can I do it? The betting pool is open!

Meanwhile, I was warned not to let her do any high jumps onto furniture lest she run the risk of pulling out her stitches. Which... Dude, have you seen this kitten? She jumps all over the damned place. I can't even pick her up without her jumping up onto my back. Sigh. Well, I removed all the little bookcases that she gets up onto from her room, which is giving me major flashbacks to the great plumbing/carpet fiasco, and built her a little ramp out of blankets and pillows from the bed to the window. I figure the bed is low enough not to be a problem, and there is no way in hell I'm going to be able to keep her from attempting that window, so I can at least try to give her a non-suture-ripping option for getting to it. We'll see how well it works. Having to rush a bleeding kitten back to the vet is all I need.

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