Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back From The Woods

Just got back from one of my rare-these-days trips to the movie theater, where I saw Cabin in the Woods. And very glad I am that I made the effort. I definitely recommend it. It's clever and surprising, entertaining and funny, a bit brain-twisting, and even a little disturbing, in odd and subtle ways. In the end, it also offers some commentary about horror movies that isn't entirely original, but is very apt, and is certainly presented in an original way. Which is probably about as much as I should say about it, but this is very likely one I'm going to want on DVD when it comes out.

I had, by the way, had the vague idea of also going to see The Hunger Games tonight, but ended up deciding that one movie per night was probably enough for me, especially considering that The Hunger Games is well over two hours long. It's too bad, though, because I'm sure that would have made for a very interesting double feature.


  1. I'm seriously thinking of going to see Cabin in theaters a second time.

    1. Hell, if it didn't take me longer to drive back and forth to the theater than it does to watch the movie, I might consider it, myself.