Monday, March 05, 2012

Cat Update #703

So, Newt's test results did finally come back, but let's just say they were not exactly conclusive. On the upside, she probably doesn't have kitty chlamydia. But it could still be herpes. Or maybe something bacterial. Or an even an auto-immune disease. (That's right, House fans! It could be lupus!) Her ear is looking good now, at least, but she still has pretty bad conjunctivitis. And so we continue working our way through the veterinary pharmacopeia, hoping to hit on something that will work. Right now, she's got yet again still more different antibiotics. She's also got some corticosteroid eye ointment that might make things better and might make things worse. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!

At least there was some good news: Happiness' thyroid levels were just fine, meaning the dosage she's on right now is working great. Even though a couple of times she's missed a pill, because I thought she'd swallowed it only to find it on the floor a day later. Nova's limp is looking a lot better, too, so that's something.

Still... cats.


  1. I suspect they cost less to raise than children, but, of course, children can be covered by health insurance. Beware! Someone in the government may hit on the idea of regulating pet health care!

    1. You can buy health insurance for pets. I've always thought it sounded a little silly, likely to cost much more than it'd ever save you, but it might be looking slightly less so now. :)