Friday, January 06, 2012

Just My Naturally Sweet Personality

I had yet another doctor's appointment yesterday -- well, technically this morning, but it was yesterday for me -- mainly just because my old doctor left and the new one wanted to discuss all those zillion blood tests I had. He also became concerned that I might have diabetes, and started going over lists of symptoms with me. Meanwhile, he called someone in to stick my finger for a blood test. Which led to the following amusing exchanges. (At least, they amused me. You take whatever humor you can get when people are poking you with needles and asking you personal questions.)

DOCTOR: Fatigue?
ME: I just worked a night shift, after less than five hours' sleep, so... yes.

DOCTOR: Dizziness? Light-headedness?
ME: Well, since she started fussing around me with needles, yes.

That one got a laugh. I only wish I'd been entirely kidding.

DOCTOR [already checking it off]: Sleep disturbances?
ME [not particularly trying to keep the "well, duh" out of my voice]: Again, shiftworker.

DOCTOR: Palpitations?
ME: Oh, well, sometimes, I do get a little... [makes fluttering motion over chest]
DOCTOR: Do you drink a lot of coffee?
ME [hanging head]: Yes.

Anyway, I don't have diabetes. Go, me.

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