Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey, Look, I Have Accomplished Something!

My carpet is all padded up again! Yay! Only, what, a month and a half after the flooding incident? Although a large chunk of that delay was my own fault, really. Or maybe the fault of my work schedule. But once I finally figured out who to call to install the stuff and then actually called him, it only took a couple of days for him to schedule me and maybe an hour and a half total to do the replacement. Mind you, I've spent much longer than that since, cleaning the carpets and moving furniture around. But my bedroom is finally all back in order! Or at least as much order as it was ever in. The furniture in the spare bedroom is still scattered all over the place, though, along with all the books. So. Many. Books. And I still have to wait for it to finish drying to move stuff back in. Half of my brain is insisting that would be a good job to put off until tomorrow, while the other half is going, "OMG, this has gone on too long! Everything must be fixed now, I don't care how long it takes you!" Man, that half of my brain is annoying.

Still normalcy is at least somewhere in view now. It's kind of a good feeling.

[ETA: I listened to my worker-brain. And so, I am now done. Holy crap, I am done! My house is navigable again! I don't even know what to do with this kind of space!]

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