Friday, July 01, 2011

Random Links For July

You’re A Good Time Lord, Charlie Brown: If Charles Schultz drew Doctor Who, it'd look a little something like this.

Speaking of Doctor Who, this tribute to badass-ness of Rory Williams cracks me up completely. Eat your heart out, Chuck Norris! (Warning: spoilers through the most recent ep.)

Lyric clouds, genre maps and distinctive words: An analysis of the frequency of specific words in various musical genres. I have no idea what conclusions to draw from it, but it's weirdly fascinating.

'Hobbit' First Look: 3 Pics!: Some still pics of Martin Freeman as Bilbo in the upcoming movie version of The Hobbit. You know, I hadn't actually felt excited about this movie until now.

Los Alamos Is Only the Latest of New Mexico's Travails: An article from Time about how much Mother Nature appears to hate New Mexico right now. They don't even mention the freakish snowfalls we had early in the year to go with the record-breaking freeze.


  1. Rory the Gory. Loved it.

  2. The article states, "The big freeze destroyed 99% of the state's peach crop." New Mexico has (had) a peach crop?

  3. Yeah, that kind of surprised me, too.