Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh, Hey, I Can Also Talk About Movies.

For various reasons*, movie-going has become a somewhat rare and limited thing for me these days, but I did go out with some friends yesterday for a double-header at the (thankfully inexpensive) local theater. So I can report that, despite being wholly unfamiliar with the comics, I found Thor quite entertaining. Although possibly I was watching it wrong, as I spent most of the movie rooting for the wrong guy. Hey, Thor, at least at the beginning of the movie, is kind of a douche (albeit a pretty one). Whereas Loki is, like, a sensitive, smart guy stuck living on the Planet of the Jocks. Yeah, which one do you think I'm going to relate to?

I can also report that Priest is pretty firmly in "so bad it's amusing" territory. Among other things, I think it may just set some sort of record for number of cliches per unit time. And there are a couple of random fight scene moments that are just hilarious.

* Including, but not necessarily limited to: they're too damned expensive, too many of them suck, I have to go out of town to get any real options, I always seem to end up sitting behind the jerk ignoring the "please turn off cell phones" messages, and the existence of Netflix.


  1. Loki was a weird character in the movie (spoiler warning-ish), never actually as duplicitous as I think the movie wanted us to think he was, but edging pretty firmly into villainous territory by the end. Though I don't think you're wrong seeing Thor as a douche early on. It's about his journey from a guy who just wants to fight to a future king who cares about what he's fighting for.

    Not a great movie, but genuinely fun.

  2. Also spoiler-ish:

    He struck me early on as perhaps not exactly unjustified in his scheming, which I really liked. Later, alas, he seems to remember that he's actually a comic book villain and gets a bit cartoon-crazy, which is sad because, I swear, I liked him better than Thor, even if the latter does get to have a character arc.

    Anyway, yes, it was fun, which is about as much as I ever hope for from a comic book movie.

  3. I would add that movies nowadays are wholly unoriginal. I drove by a 10-screen theater recently and observed that 8 of the movies are either sequels or in 3D. (I'm guessing the other two were chick flicks.)

  4. Ain't it the truth. Originality is far too risky.

  5. LOL I did see X Men First Class yesterday. I thought it was pretty good. But yay.. a prequel

  6. I've heard that's pretty good. I'll probably check it out on DVD.