Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shockingly Sad Doctor Who News

Here I was, all excited by the prospect of new Doctor Who this weekend, only to have that emotion derailed by some extremely sad news: Elisabeth Sladen has died. No more Sarah Jane.

She always seemed like a lovely person, and I was so very much enjoying seeing her playing the action hero on the generally excellent Sarah Jane Adventures. How many older women do you get to see doing something like that? And how many people can do it that well? I'm deeply sad to lose that, and even sadder, of course, at the reason.

And I know it's been almost forty-nine years and on those kinds of timescales it's utterly inevitable, but DW people can stop dying now. Just for a little while. Please?


  1. Absolutely devastating news. I too, had no idea that she was ill. During my Dr. Who watching days, I took to SJS as the very emblem of the plucky, intelligent girl-next-door or younger sister or whatever, that we all wished we had. Her pairing with Jon Pertwee and later, Tom Baker, really showed what great on-screen chemistry characters in a long-running series could develope over many years of screen time together.

    I hope I am getting this story right. When Francois Truffaut heard of the death of Alfred Hitchcock he said something to the effect that "Even sadder than no more Alfred Hitchcock is that there will be no more Alfred Hitchcock films. As of today, there will be no more Sarah Jane Smith stories. Goodbye Elisabeth Sladen, we will miss you.

  2. This is the very sort of thing that should not be allowed to happen.

    In all seriousness, she was only 63 (and looked some twenty years younger), and that's too damn soon.

  3. It really is. And it's just incredibly shocking, because she looked to be in such wonderful shape and good health for her age.

  4. Argh! That's it - I won't like DW characters or performers any more; they all die. :(