Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Linkiness

The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We're All Going To Miss Almost Everything: An article about how there's just too damned much of everything, especially books, for any of us to keep up with. The author talks about two possible responses to this: "culling" and "surrender." I find that I am constitutionally unable to manage either and am thus rapidly driving myself crazy.

Tree Lobsters! #262 Imponderable: I've had conversations like this.

Pages, Dimensions and Weight: bragan: Courtesy of LibraryThing, it's physical stats of my home library! Apparently if you stacked all my books up, they would be higher than Big Ben. It should be noted that these stats aren't entirely accurate, as there are lots of books with no data and I haven't been particularly careful about inputting correct editions. But I think that number probably errs on the low side, if anything. And this is why I can never, ever move again.

Video Of The Day: Captain Sisko Yelling Compilation: Nobody yells like The Sisko.

Doctor Who Premiere Blasts BBC America Ratings Record: That's right, the season premiere of Doctor Who earned BBC America its highest ratings ever. USA! USA! BBC America has been promoting the heck out of the show, which highly gratifying, but I do have to wonder whether we'll see a ratings drop-off for part 2, since part 1, I must say, did not seem very new viewer-friendly to me. It was confusing enough, really, even if you already know who the characters are and are used to Moffat's timey-wimey ways. I would love to be wrong about that, though.


  1. I can never, ever move again
    I'll start taking up a collection to add rooms on to your house.

  2. I'd run the stats on my own library, but I don't own a lot of the books in it, either because they were library copies or because I've given them away or sold them. But I take it that's not something you often, if ever do.

    You have now made me want to rewatch DS9, again.

  3. I did donate some unread books I decided I never actually wanted to read a while back, but, yeah, that's extremely rare for me. Mostly I just slowly fill my house up with the things.

    You can select which collections to include in the stats, though, if you keep the books you own in a separate collection from the others.

    Re-watching DS9 is an excellent thing to do. I've been doing it off and on, myself, although I've gotten kind of side-tracked by various offerings from Netflix.

  4. DS9 is coming to Netflix, though...

    I rewatched the series a few years ago, but I did get the full series on DVD as a gift recently...