Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome To Boresville, The Capital of Boresylvania.

Um, yes. I'm still not dead, and I do still remember that I have a blog. Honest. It's just that I have absolutely nothing of interest to share lately. Seriously. Nada.

For instance, here is a list of pretty much everything I've done today:
  • surfed the internet and answered e-mail
  • walked on treadmill while watching an episode of Venture Bros
  • showered and dressed
  • ate meatball sandwich at Subway
  • read 40 pages of Your Brain on Food
  • went to ATM
  • went to post office to return a book I received my mistake
  • went to vet's office to pick up more of Vir's super-special diet cat food
  • updated blog
And in a few minutes, I get to go and get ready for work. When I come home, I might watch some TV! Exciting!


  1. Returned a book? Who are you? ;)

  2. It was one I already had. I, uh, kept the one the accidentally sent me that I didn't have. :)

  3. Since it was sent accidentally, it does not count against your quota. Yay!

  4. I've blown the quota so badly lately that it's not even funny. It's... sort of on temporary suspension, to be picked up again on a strict basis with the new year. Right now, I'm just desperately trying not to go above 400 again.

    But, hey, I read the accidental one I kept in less than a day, so it went right onto the Pile and right off again, meaning it doesn't count against me. Right? :)