Saturday, October 09, 2010

Way Off The Wagon

So, I, um... I bought nine books at the library sale. I even bought a Friends of the Library membership so I could go last night, instead of this morning. Mostly because I have to work tonight and wanted to sleep until the afternoon, but also because, well, there'd be more books.

And I'm still drooling over a couple of things in the Daedalus catalog, too. And having a hard, hard time talking myself into not ordering all those "hey, there's a new book in the series!" books I want so much.

I really need to be locked up somewhere with a room full of books and no access to the internet for a few months, just to start getting caught up.


  1. Well, if you can afford them, and you're reading them...

    My problem has always been buying more books that I can actually read.

  2. The question and the difficulty lies in whether I can read them as fast as I accumulate them...