Friday, April 09, 2010

Life In The Here And Now

Current clothes: Blue jeans. White socks. Black sneakers. A brown t-shirt with a pattern of ancient petroglyph doodles of the kind that are common here in the Southwest. (I got it at Bandelier National Monument, ages ago.) Blue long-sleeved denim shirt over that. I don't really need the long sleeves right now, but I probably will when I go into work later; that building's been kind of chilly lately. Plus, it'll be much colder by the time I'm walking home.

Current mood: I've been in a fairly relaxed state this morning, somewhere between "mellow" and "apathetic." Though I think I'm starting to come out of it now, which is good, because I have things to do.

Current music: Nothing for a while. I think most recently was Gutter Anthems by Enter the Haggis. I went to see these guys when they played here in town a few weeks ago. I'd never even heard of them before, but they sounded like something I'd enjoy, plus, hey, something to do on a Friday night in Socorro. Turned out they were pretty good, so I bought a couple of their albums on iTunes.

Current annoyance: A Certain Cat seems to have taken it into his mind this week that I ought to be up by 7:30, at the latest. Today, he broke out the baseball bat. Damned cat.

Current thing: Well, lately I seem to have become a teeny bit obsessive about the idea of getting my massive To Be Read Pile under control. My stated goal for the year is to get it down to 400 books. At the beginning of the year, it was at 428. Now it's 424. This is not very exciting progress, even before you figure in the fact that I've already got a bunch more books coming in the mail. Sigh. No Friends of the Library Sale for me this month.

Current desktop picture: Still the same space shuttle picture from last month. I've been too lazy to change it.

Current book: The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins.

Current song in head: "She Moves On" by Paul Simon, which seems to have become one of those songs that repeatedly pops into my head for no good reason and hangs around for days. Which is really weird. I mean, I haven't even listened to that song in forever.

Current DVD in player: Still season one of Deep Space 9. It's taking me a while to finish watching this, because I keep getting distracted by shiny televisual objects. I've only got one more episode to go, though. Well, and six seasons after that, but I don't think I'm going to get to those for a while. Also sitting in a player, disc 2 of South Park season 12, which is my current watching-on-the-treadmill show.

Current refreshment: Nothing, but I'm hungry. I should have had breakfast.

Current worry: I'm not in the mood to worry about stuff.

Current thought: Why is blogger telling me I have an unclosed tag? I thought I closed all my tags! Oh. There it is. Yay! Now I can post.

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