Saturday, August 29, 2009

What I Did On My Vacation (Part 2: Pictures)

As promised, some pictures of My Colorado (and a Bit of New Mexico) Vacation.

Here's the Gila cliff dwellings. Or at least, the cliff. Though if you look closely -- try clicking on the picture for a bigger version -- you can see the structures inside the cave. My apologies for not getting any close-up pics.

Here are a couple of cool rock formations in the Garden of the Gods park:

And several pictures from Pike's Peak. Here's the train at the top of the mountain:

A couple of views from the summit (which is less impressive in photographs than it is in person):

And, oh, look, it's me:


  1. Are those black streaks at the Gila cliff dwellings naturally occurring in the rock, or are they stains from something up top?

  2. They're natural mineral deposits left by water seeping through the rocks. (Inside the cave, though, there are also different black stains left by human cooking fires.)