Thursday, August 20, 2009

Even Though Albuquerque Is a 9 PM Town

Just got back from seeing Plan Nine from Outer Space with live snarktastic commentary from Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett, formerly of Mystery Science Theater 3000, now of the eerily similar but more internetty RiffTrax. (They were broadcasting from somewhere in Tennessee to theaters across the US, including, amazingly, Albuquerque.)

And it was hi-larious. Actually, I'd forgotten just how hilarious Plan 9 is all by itself; when they start "explaining" the mysterious nature of light rays I cannot help cracking up. And when these guys are on top of their game, they really bring the funny, transforming the merely absurd into the comically sublime. Or something like that... Anyway, it was immense fun.

I also ate a bunch of ribs, and accompanied some friends on geeky shopping trips instead of staying home for a few extra hours and cleaning my house. So, pretty much a good day all around.


  1. I saw it with some friends here in Manhattan -- at the first theater in the nation to sell out, actually -- and it was a blast. This was actually my first full go at Plan 9. I'd seen bits and pieces over the years, and then watched a big chunk of it unriffed earlier in the week. It really is a gloriously bad movie, especially when you consider how many bad movies are just a drag. Clearly made with love -- and not an ounce of talent or ability. I think it was the perfect choice for the live show.

    Oh, and they were in Nashville, TN. Thankfully not in that dreadful Fort Worth, TX. (Sorry, Fort Worth!)

  2. I think I'd only watched the whole thing through once before, and that was many years ago, so I really had forgotten just how bad it was. What's amazing is just how consistently bad it is. The acting, the sets, the costumes, the writing... Oh, god, the writing. There's not one single aspect or moment of it that's not bad. And yet everyone involved is going at it gamely. It's almost hard not to respect that. And you're right, it doesn't ever drag. A great choice, indeed, and immense fun to watch with an audience.

    (And, heh, I'm still giggling at poor Fort Worth.)

  3. Ah darn... I didn't realize it was last night. Now I have missed the meme again. I am glad you gusy had fun.