Monday, July 06, 2009

While I Wait For Monday Morning, Have Some Random Links

Farscape DVD News: Complete Series Coming from A&E: Announcement about a new Farscape DVD megaset, to be released in November. May possibly be of interest to some of you.

50 Reasons No One Wants to Publish Your First Book : A very amusing list. Although I would read a book about vegetarian zombies.

Vanishing Head Illusion: Freaky fun with your blind spot!

Giving up my iPod for a Walkman: A 13-year-old's reactions to having his iPod replaced with a vintage Sony Walkman. Made me feel kind of nostalgic, even though I only ever had a cheap Radio Shack knockoff, not an actual Walkman. Ah, kids, today, they don't know how good they have it.

Baby bat eating and care: Little orphaned baby bats! I honestly don't know how people can think bats are ugly. These little guys are the most adorable things ever!


  1. Unless it turns out that the new Farscape complete series contains new bonus material, I think I'll pass. Although, for those who don't own all the discs, this sounds like a good idea, especially if it combines all of the bonus material from the original DVDs and Starburst editions, and also doesn't repeat the double-sided troubles that made the first few Starburst editions sometimes difficult to play.

  2. I couldn't even manage to justify replacing my old discs with the Starburst ones, even though I was oh so very tempted. So I doubt I'll be springing for these even if they do have more bonus features. A full-series boxed set might be really nice for those who haven't purchased any yet, though.

    And I know there have been problems with availability of the show on Netflix. I'm wondering whether a new release might help with that.

  3. Some of the Starburst discs, I think, were worth it, for some of the added commentary tracks. (The smart commentaries are a big part of what initially sold me on the show.) But yeah, it was tough to justify spending the money. There's still a few I don't own, just like I expect not to own this boxed set.

    Still, for those who don't own them... Farscape is seriously good stuff.

  4. Darn, and I thought the link was going to offer recipes for preparing baby bats. :(