Saturday, April 04, 2009

Seriously! Only Two Books!

I went to the Friends of the Library book sale today, but the pickings were slim, and I turned out not to need the formidable self-restraint I equipped myself with beforehand. I almost feel cheated. What am I going to do with all this self-restraint now? Maybe I should go to Amazon and not buy books there.

Anyway, all I picked up was Iain Banks' Look to Windward and a humorous volume called The Hypochondriac's Guide to Life. And Death. Which is probably just as well, as I've still only read four of the ten books I bought at the sale last year.


  1. As your Father, I need to know if you are really sick. Only 2 books. Thats hard to believe>

  2. I'm telling, ya, the pickings were slim. Pretty much every remotely interesting book they had, I already owned.

    (Put that way, I imagine it is somewhat less difficult to believe. :))

  3. Yeh, you are OK, I can tell.

    Planning a trip to Oregon over Aaron`s Birthday and mine too.