Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Swiftly Now The Old Year Passes.

Happy New Year, everybody! As I write this, we have a little over six hours of 2008 left here, and my neighbors have already started with the fireworks.

2008's been a fairly interesting year for me, I guess, mostly notably as The Year I Went to Australia, but also as The Year the Guy I Voted for Actually Won, and possibly also The Year of Too Many Computer Issues. Or, indulging my fangirl side, The Year of Donna Noble or The Year The Pretender Ate My Brain. Well, that's all much, much better than thinking of it as The Year the Entire Economy Collapsed in on Itself, anyway.

Whatever kind of year it's been for the rest of you, here's wishing you a bigger, better, brighter 2009! Don't party too hard, now.