Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Linkage of Randomosity

The Star Trek A-Team: I find this way more entertaining than it has any right to be. Possibly because it makes me all nostalgic for the 80s. And the 60s, for that matter, even if I wasn't actually born yet.

Star Trek mistakes: Just in case that wasn't enough Trek for ya, here's extensive video proof that when it comes to maintaining careful internal consistency the Star Trek universe, um, doesn't.

The N+7 Machine: Enter some text to see what it looks like when you replace all the nouns with other nouns seven dictionary entries away. Because, admit, it, you're just that bored.

The Eyeball Game: See how accurately you can form parallelograms and bisect angles and stuff just by eyeballing. I scored 7.18. But then, I can't hang picture frames straight.

PalinAsPresident: Funniest political satire I've seen outside of Comedy Central.

Baby tigers monkey around: An article about a cimpanzee that is helping to raise orphaned baby white tigers. I include it here because it contains the cutest pictures ever, and also because I feel a great sense of solidarity with my fellow feline-raising primates.

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