Friday, November 24, 2006

Yet Another Problem Solved By The Sufficient Application of High Explosives

I'd been wondering what those even-louder-than-usual booms we've been hearing here in Socorro lately were. According to the local paper, it seems that they're making diamond out on the explosives range. That's right, they're making diamond. Out of carbon. Using about 9,000 tons of explosives. Usually they try to schedule stuff like that when the weather's right to channel the shock wave away from the town, but there was an unexpected weather inversion, so we all got our windows rattled pretty good.

Man, this is such an entertaining place to live.


  1. Diamonds? Great cover story, but in fact it is the Air Force working in concert with the Atlanteans to develop folding technology to aid them in their covert war of atrrition with the Greys and their Illuminati co-conspirators.

  2. Ssh! You go posting that stuff here, and the Men in Black will be dragging us both off!