Thursday, January 08, 2004

Search Request Thursday

Here's the latest batch:

  • superglue ass: May I just say: wince.

  • paycheck philip k. dick continuity problem: I haven't seen the movie, and honestly can't recall whether I've read the original short story or not, but I have to say, given that it is Philip K. Dick, it probably does have continuity problems. Dick, however, had a remarkable and utterly mysterious talent for somehow turning that from a bug into a feature.

  • Simpsons crossover fanfic to read: As opposed to Simpsons crossover fanfic to, what, burn for kindling?

  • new 2004 hair up dos: I am the wrong person to come to for hairstyle advice. I don't think my own hair has ever been in style.

  • return if the king pictures of legolas in a blue shirt -post -messages -board: Yes, if that king returns, Leggy will greet him looking snazzy in a blue shirt that will be the talk of the message boards.

  • "LARRY NIVEN" TIMELINE crichton stealing: I haven't seen or read Timeline, either. Anybody who has care to comment on whether it appears to have been stolen from Niven or not?

  • gurps bad ass merit: You know, if there isn't a "bad ass" merit in GURPS, there should be.

  • guest book of a carre four in usa year 2003: Let's see... 2003, carre the four... that's, uh...

  • laughing at shelob: Hmm, I didn't think she was laughable! Though, unlike most, my reaction was less "Aaaagh! Spider!" and more "Oooh, Spider!" I like spiders.

  • nazgul slash fanfiction: The really, really scary thing is, I swear I've encountered some...

  • clockwork nebari stoner: Because, dude, how can you not, like, totally groove on Crichton's, like, performance in that one? Dude?

  • peacekeeper spiff: Is that the Farscape version of Spaceman Spiff? Oooh, that sounds like a cool idea!

  • moving sims "to another drive": I think there ought to be a moving van in the game that comes and does that for you.

  • Nude pictures of Sam and Frodo: Because Legolas shouldn't get all the LotR nudie googles.

  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Don Murphy commentary Alan Moore insane: Haven't seen the movie, let alone listened to the commentary on it, but having read Moore's comics, I think I can safely offer up the opinion that, yes, he is insane. But in a good way.

  • paul goddard shoes: Man, now I'm really curious... What about his shoes?

  • porn movie blog: I'd think blogging about porn movies would get kind of boring after a while.

  • hitchhikers guide galaxy gurps: Is there a GURPS Hitchhiker's? I've never heard of it, but I can't say it'd surprise me.

  • What LotR Mary Sue cliche are you: Ooh, can I be the one involving Aragorn, Boromir, and a hot tub full of... Ahem. Never mind.

  • salt vampires of M-113: Salt vampire might be more accurate, really, since by the time "The Man Trap" took place, there was apparently only one of them left.

  • "portrait of the artist as a young man" "earth woman": I can make no comments about this book whatsoever, as I have been actively trying to block the memory of being forced to read it from my mind.

  • Buffy/Nick fiction: Nick who? Nick Knight? That would seem to reflect her usual taste in men. (Namely, the taste for men who don't reflect. Ha!)

  • geek goddess nude: I am a geek goddess! And to look upon me nude would surely strike you blind, foolish mortal!

  • decapitation execution pics: There's a pun on the word "head" to be made here, somehow, but it's eluding me.

  • Geek dying, sees Captain Kirk's life flash before his eyes: Actually, I don't think the piece in question ever once used the word "geek." Not that it wasn't implied.

  • Farscape sexiest Chiana: Well, she doesn't really get my vote for "sexiest Farscape character, but I admit to being biased on the subject.

  • phlox pregnant fanfic: Who knew he was that alien?

  • phlox breathing difficulties fanfic: So, he's pregnant and asthmatic? Poor guy!

  • Julius Caesar sales success: I don't think his success was really in the field of sales...

  • t'pol nude fakes desktop -seagull -mp3: You gotta wonder why this search appears to have been turning up unwanted seagulls.

  • Jimmy Buffett's birthday: If I remember his autobiography correctly, it's a really easy day to remember. It's the same as Isaac Newton's

  • weightlifting t-shirt slogans: See, if I were more with-it today, I'd come up with a really witty weightlifting t-shirt slogan here, but, uh, I'm not. Feel free to make up your own...

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