Friday, March 18, 2016

Welcome... to NM.

Guess who's got tickets for the Welcome to Night Vale live show they've finally -- finally -- decided to bring to New Mexico, and which will be playing in Albuquerque ON MY BIRTHDAY?

Yep! Me! Whoo-hoo! Gonna be the best birthday ever! (OK, admittedly, it's not until July. I could get hit by a bus before then, or swallowed up into the depths of the existential void or eaten by eldritch horrors or something. But I will confidently predict it to be the Best Birthday Ever, anyway, because we must always live in optimism.)

I'm extra amused that the show is called "Ghost Stories" and they've managed to book the purportedly haunted theater. See, guys? You come to New Mexico, we receive you in all appropriate style!


  1. I've never listened to Night Vale very much, but this week I started re-listening from the beginning. Then I discovered they're on tour...and will be in Atlanta...the week after I'm there for business. Rumor is, they do shows in NYC, but advertised to paying subscribers. I don't know. I mean, I'm still only episode 8.

    1. They have pre-sale tickets for subscribers above a certain level, but I don't know about any Secret Members-Only Shows. Which is just as well. If I did, I would probably have to kill you now or something. :)

      For whatever it's worth, they did just recently put out a little update episode with news about the live shows and such specifically for people who aren't caught up and thus haven't been hearing the announcements.