Thursday, September 24, 2015

I Did Find A Couple Of Hats For My Eleventh Doctor, So That Was Cool.

Aaargh. I am supposed to be spending today cleaning, in anticipation of having houseguests. What have I been doing instead? Frittering away the whole damned day playing this stupid Doctor Who-themed game on my phone. And it really is pretty stupid. I mean, it looks very nice. But the gameplay consists of nothing but endlessly attacking things by, essentially, playing Bejeweled. Which a) makes no sense, and b) hardly seems appropriate for Doctor Who. Also, I suck at Bejeweled. And yet, I cannot stop playing. I am beginning to suspect it is part of some evil plot. Possibly by the Cybermen. Send help.


  1. The simple solution would be to hand the phone to your houseguests. Not only will it get the phone out of your hands, they'll be too busy playing the game to notice if you've finished cleaning or not.

    1. Somehow, I doubt it'd have quite the same appeal for them. Still, maybe if I get desperate, I'll try it. :)

      I did eventually get things... Well, let's go with "clean enough."