Friday, August 07, 2015

August Currentlies

Yep, here it is. The August "Currently" meme.

Current clothes: Gray cotton shorts. Venture Bros. Guild of Calamitous Intent t-shirt. Black socks.

Current mood: OK. Kinda tired. I spent the morning doing yardwork, plus my circadian rhythms seem to be fighting me harder than usual lately, for some reason. (Probably because I spent two straight weeks on night shifts, and my body actually started getting used to it.)

Current music: Nothing memorable.

Current annoyance: The city garbage dept. says it'll pickup old items of furniture and such for a small fee, if you make arrangements for it. I called them Monday of last week, and the thing is still sitting out there on the curb. I'm going to have to call them again.

Current thing: I don't seem to have a current thing. Maybe I should find one, rather than just sitting around spinning my wheels, which is what I think I've been doing lately.

Current desktop picture: Still this.

Current book: String Theory for Dummies by Andrew Zimmerman Jones. Because how can you not want to read String Theory for Dummmies? I'm also making my way through British English A to Zed by Norman W. Shur. I was originally just going to browse through it a bit and stick it on the reference shelf, but it's proving to be strangely fascinating, so instead I'm reading it straight through, a few minutes at a time. Mostly it's making me wonder how Americans and Brits actually mange to communicate at all.

Current song in head: It's been varying back and forth between "The Rainbow Connection" and "Wild, Wild Life" by the Talking Heads.

Current refreshment: Orange spice tea.

Current DVD in player: Most recently, Kingsman: The Secret Service. Which was completely ridiculous, but, hey, that's what it was going for. Mostly it was the entertaining kind of ridiculous.

Current worry: All the terrible diseases I've been diagnosing myself with on WebMD. Thanks, internet!

Current thought: Some significant part of my brain refuses to believe that August is even a real month. In my mind, it exists merely as a sort of placeholder between July and September -- that is, months in which things actually happen. Even the weather right now feels like a hot, still, timeless expanse of nothing.


  1. Yeah, I didn't love Kingsman, but it has two big setpieces, particularly -- minor spoilers -- that scene in the church, that are just ridiculously incredible.

    1. I enjoyed it pretty well, once I relaxed and just started accepting it for what it was. And that was certainly quite a scene.

  2. Sheesh, another book (Zed) for my wishlist. Though given how many British mysteries I read, it will be insanely useful.

    1. I figured I've read enough British books and watched enough British TV shows that it wouldn't have all that much new to teach me. I was wrong, though! I've already had a couple of "Oh, now that makes sense!" moments. And I'm still only on the Bs.

    2. They don't say we're two countries separated by a common language for nothing.

    3. Indeed! Although the compiler of the dictionary appears to be a little tired of that joke. :)