Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lots Of Places To Sit

Finally, the loveseat that goes with my new (or, by now, new-ish) sofa arrived!

I'm delighted to at last be able to send the old the old, saggy, cat-shredded one off to the dump with its sofa companion. They did well by me, back in the day, but they had well outlived their time.

Although with both pieces in place, my living room now feels a little too small. Not only are both the sofa and the loveseat bigger than the old ones, but the loveseat, unlike the old one, doesn't fit underneath the protruding windowsill, so it sticks out into the room more. And I had to move the end tables around into slightly less convenient positions. On the upside, though, people sitting in it will no longer bang their heads on the sill if they lean back. So that's good.

In other household news, I did get an electrician to come and check out the power supply to the dryer, and he said it was fine and the no-heat problem is definitely internal to the machine. Which is actually good news, since it's under warranty. But I think it's going to have to wait until I'm off night shifts for me to worry about that.


  1. Not only is the back of my head grateful for the news, but I'm sure your windowsill is also happy that it will experience no more head-shaped indentations.

    1. I think it tended to win its encounters with people's heads, though. :)