Thursday, May 07, 2015

Dear Immune System: Stop Hitting Yourself!

Here I was, going around telling people how great the Flonase I'm using has been working, because my allergies hadn't been bothering me at all this year. Then we got a few days of rain. Yesterday, it stopped. And, suddenly: PLANT ORGY! HUGE PLANT ORGY! And the inside of my nose has become an ugly, ugly place. The Flonase, it does nothing! Or at least not enough. Fortunately, I have some of the good decongestants hoarded from last year. Unfortunately, they're not doing a whole lot either. Clearly the only remaining solution is to move to Antarctica.


  1. You could transfer to the VLA in the Atacama Desert in Chile. There are no plants there to give you allergies.

    1. That array is called ALMA, for the record. And, man, some days it's tempting. Although I do kind of like breathing oxygen, and the altitude there is very, very high.