Friday, March 06, 2015

Currently, In March

Current clothes: The same brown t-shirt from Uluru I was wearing last month. Blue long-sleeve denim shirt over it. Nearly new blue jeans. Not at all new brown leather boots.

Current mood: Kinda tired. I was up earlier than I should have been this morning. Although the nice brisk walk I just took helped a little.

Current music: Nothing at the moment. Instead, I've just been listening to someone read me a Lovecraft story. Y'know, so much of Lovecraft's stuff was over-written to the point of reading like self-parody, but "The Colour Out of Space" is genuinely good. It's a little slow to get going, admittedly, and takes entirely too long to wrap up. But it's marvelously, effectively creepy.

Current annoyance: Having to interact with other human beings, when my impulse is to hide from them all instead. But I think I have been doing a remarkably good job of pretending to be socially functional lately. Also, having to work for a living. I had five days in a row off last week, which is a rare occurrence. It's great when it happens, but when it's over, it inevitably just leaves me longing to return to that brief taste of what life would be like if my time were entirely my own. Sigh.

Current thing: Attempting to be a responsible adult and do responsible adult things. I have been doing OK at this. Not great, but OK.

Current desktop picture: Still Uncle Iroh from Avatar. Iroh is my new role model.

Current book: Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All by Paul A. Offit, an extremely good, extremely informative book about a subject that should not be nearly as controversial as it is.

Current song in head: "The Witch's Promise" by Jethro Tull. Which has now been stuck in my head long enough that I'm starting to feel desperate to get rid of it.

Current refreshment: Nothing, but I need some lunch now.

Current DVD in player: I've got the first disk of Futurama Vol. 8 in the player in front of the treadmill, because I really need to get back into watching-and-walking. In the one in the living room is the first disk of season 3 of Key & Peele. It was supposed to be season 2, but Netflix doesn't have that for some reason. Well, whatever. It's not like it's a show you need to watch in order, anyway. To be honest, Key & Peele frustrates me a little, because I find their humor varies wildly, from hilarious to annoyingly unfunny and back, sometimes in the space of a single sketch. And I actually find their on-stage bits funnier, overall, than this skits, and wish they were longer. I would happily watch a full half-hour of those guys doing standup.

Current worry: I'm trying not to.

Current thought: Indeed, rather than worrying I am going to take some advice from my new role model and, when in doubt, have a nice cup of tea.

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