Thursday, February 26, 2015

Now I'm Cookin' With Gas! Well, I Was Before. But Now I'm Doing It Better.

So, I still haven't replaced my living room furniture, which has literally had the stuffing clawed out of it by cats, or even started looking into having my deteriorating concrete replaced. But I have a new stove! I finally got fed up with the old one when the second burner on it stopped working. But, really, it should have been replaced years ago. Y'know, when the metal on the stovetop starts to chip and crumble away, that's a sign your stove is getting a little too old. Plus, it's an annoying stove. The temperature dial only has a few random values marked on it, leaving you to guess at the rest, and the burners have big ol' holes through which debris can fall into an area that's damn near impossible to clean. But! But my new one has a digital display that tells you the temperature! And a timer! And an automatic preheat! And should be really easy to clean!

Tonight, I shall make celebratory tostadas. I shall crisp the tortillas in my new oven (which is easier and probably healthier than frying them) and brown the ground beef on my new burners, and, lo, it shall be a glorious Mexican feast!


  1. Yay for cooking! (As long as your tooth repair has healed.)

  2. The tooth is actually still feeling kind of sensitive, which worries me a bit. But I'm going to give it a little longer before I slog back into the dentist.