Monday, January 06, 2014

First Of The Year Currenties!

Current clothes: Fuzzy blue pajama pants with moons and stars on them. My (now somewhat tattered) "Oops, I bought another pile of books!" sleep shirt. Red plaid robe. Fuzzy brown slippers. Perfect blogging attire!

Current mood: Okay, but not fully awake yet. I'm still working on my morning coffee. Well, "morning" coffee. I'm aware that it's 5 PM, but this is my life.

Current music: Nothing in particular. I think the last album I listened to was Still Got Legs by Chameleon Circuit. Because I am a giant nerd. But you knew that.

Current annoyance: I've been working ridiculous amounts of night shifts lately. This is not a great time of year for that. I know I often complain about the giant nuclear skyball as if it were my enemy, but the truth is, when I barely see it for two weeks, I miss it a lot. Maybe we're actually frenemies.

Current thing: Working endless amounts of night shifts.

Current desktop picture: Still the wreath-bedecked TARDIS. I should change that. It's well past being seasonal now.

Current book: The Birthday Party: A Memoir of Survival by Stanley Alpert. The author was kidnapped and held for more than 24 hours by some robbers looking to get money out of his bank accounts. On his birthday.

Current song in head: Last night Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" would not stop playing in my brain. Fortunately, it seems a bit quieter in there now.

Current refreshment: Coffee. Ahhhhhh, coffee!

Current DVD in player: I just finished disc 2 of season 2 of Millennium. And... Eh. I've been told I should keep watching it through the end of season 2 (although no further), that it gets pretty great in here somewhere. But so far, I'm not seeing it. Lance Henriksen is always interesting to watch, and the show is stylishly done in a way that makes it easier to watch than, frankly, it should be. But... But it's mostly just such a humorless, pretentious mishmash of cryptic nonsense, with a worldview I take exception to and no sense that it has any idea where it's actually planning to go. It's like all of the things that annoyed me about The X-Files, minus all the things I really liked about The X-Files. But I am continuing to give it a chance to redeem itself. For some reason.

Current worry: I am very likely going to end up having a hysterectomy, and, while, frankly, getting this damned organ out of me and never having to deal with its bullshit again is a happy thought, the idea of dealing with the recovery period and the state of near-helplessness that involves is worrying the crap out of me. If I'm not allowed to lift anything over ten pounds for six to eight weeks, what the hell do I do if one of my cats gets sick? I'll be physically incapable of taking them to the vet. And, hell, I can barely wrestle them into their carriers when I need to. Forget someone they don't know and trust as well doing it. This possibility is really upsetting to me. I don't ever want to put myself in a position where I can't properly take care of myself and my animals and fulfill my responsibilities, you know?

Current thought: Forget it. I have not had enough coffee yet to go tackling my worries now.


  1. And Vir and Nova won't go willingly to a kennel, either (especially for that long). I'd suggest having your mom stay to take care of you (and the cats), but then she'd have to bring Mickey along, and, well...

    1. Yeah, boarding them for that entire time isn't really a workable option at all.

      Mom said, in the event, she would come out. She was talking maybe a week or so. Having read up a bit on the procedure and the recovery times, I think I'm gonna have to ask her to make it two. But there's no way she can stay for a month or two, and even if she could, I guarantee you, we'd both be sick and tired of having the other person around all the time by the end of it. And there's no way she can bring Mickey. She'd have to have him boarded or looked after by a neighbor.

      Sigh. Normally, I love being able to live alone, but it has its disadvantages.

  2. There's one great episode of Millennium, and it's near the very end of Season 2. All the rest, though... well, I think I've already mentioned how I wasn't a far when it first aired, and I don't really remember when I gave up on it. Your response to the show is making me less interested in checking it out again. I found even The X-Files got on my nerves a little after a while, when I tried to revisit it recently. (Though I think I can safely say only the final season is truly bad.)

    Hopefully you can work out anything that needs to be worked out with the kitties. :)

    1. I kind of went through cycles with The X-Files, where I'd get bored and annoyed with it and stop watching for a while, then tune back in and watch a few episodes and remember why I liked it in the first place... until I got bored and annoyed and stopped again.

    2. Hmm. Apparently I have to take back the "humorless" part of my description of Millennium, as I've just started watching the next episode, in which Jose Chung shows up to mock Scientology and the show suddenly develops a sense of humor. A bizarre, over-the-top, from-out-of-nowhere sense of humor that is confusing me slightly. But, hey, it's an improvement. I think. :)

  3. That's Darin Morgan for ya. He also wrote "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me."