Friday, November 01, 2013


Yesterday, while other people were putting on costumes and bobbing for apples, or whatever it is they do on Halloween, I was doing this:

This would be the infamous (and understatedly named) To-Read Pile. Or most of it, anyway. I previously had most of these books sitting on shelves attached to the wall in my utility room, but said shelves were really never designed to hold that much weight, and since it was starting to pull the shelves away from the ceiling, and possibly deforming my house, it seemed like a very good idea to move it all elsewhere. So, a little while back, I ordered some cheap but functional bookshelves. When they arrived yesterday, I quickly abandoned whatever plans I had -- I think they mostly involved watching a lot of The Twilight Zone -- and instead spent the entire day moving furniture, assembling bookcases, and hauling probably about 800 books around. Today, my body is pretty much one giant ache. But it was worth it! Not only those shelves attached to the wall now highly unlikely to detach themselves and collapse, but I also have a living room full of books! (And part of the kitchen. And, um, a bit of the hallway you can't see in this picture. Yes, I know I have too many books. Shut up.)

Now, I think I'm going to spend most of today reading.


  1. It's about time you put books in the kitchen! Glad to hear your shelves are no longer in danger of a tsundoku tsunami. Where did you move the easy chair and lamp?

    1. Well, I had cookbooks in the kitchen. If that counts.

      The lamp, and the end table it was on, is now next to the couch, so that there's one on either end of the couch. The chair, I moved out into the shed. The cats frequently liked to sit on it, but I never did, and anybody who came to my house and sat on the thing inevitably got covered in cat hair, no matter how often I tried to clean it.

    2. The question now is how long before the utility room shelves are full of books again. :)

    3. That would defeat the purpose! Although I have thought of maybe putting magazines there. Or comic books. Some less weighty reading material, anyway. But for the moment, it's only holding board games.

    4. Paper is paper, but magazines will be even heavier, since many of them still use clay-coated paper (which holds inks and displays color better).

    5. Ah, is that why magazines are so surprisingly heavy when you get enough of them together! But I do have a bunch of old, digest-sized SF magazines that are printed on light paper with no color. I might put those on those shelves. And not pile them up high like I did the books.