Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Whining And TMI

Well, the landscapers are coming tomorrow to deal with my drainage problem. I'm more than a little nervous about this, honestly. There weren't huge amounts of local options -- I ended up having to get someone to come down from Albuquerque -- and to a certain extent I'm having to take it on faith that these guys know what they're doing. But hopefully all will go well, and then I'll have one less thing to worry about.

Which I could really use, because there always seems to be one more thing to worry about. The latest: I just got back from the gynecologist, and I'll spare you all the TMI-ish detail, but apparently I have fibroids. Which are benign growths that can nevertheless have annoying effects. The upshot: I've got still more pills to take, at least for a while. All these pills are making me feel really freaking old. In my mind, that's a serious old person thing, having a giant pile of pills to take every day. And even more fun, at some point I'm going to have to have a minor but really unpleasant-sounding surgical procedure. Plus, the doctor was cheerfully talking about future possibilities up to and including hysterectomy. Not that I'm particularly attached to that organ, having never had a use for it, but, dude, I had a little mini-freakout just at the idea of having my wisdom teeth removed. And I wasn't using those, either! Well, on the upside, one of the aforementioned annoying effects turns out to be anemia, so maybe that's part of the explanation of why I've felt so exhausted lately. (Mostly, I've been blaming stress.)

Still... I don't like this being-human gig. Sure, it's got its perks, but lately I am thinking longingly of the idea of being a disembodied intelligence floating around the internet, free of messy biology and the need for things like shelter. Sigh.


  1. 1) My sympathy on the thought of having any surgical procedure, "minor" or not.
    2) My grandmother didn't mind her hysterectomy, but, as she admitted, she hadn't used her ovaries for decades. :)
    3) I'd like to hear how your visit to the gynecologist ties in with Three Mile Island.

  2. 1) Thanks. I've managed to get this far through life without any major surgery or anything, which I am extremely glad of, but it means I haven't really had to get over being a complete wimp on the subject. :)

    2) My own ovaries appear to exist mainly to annoy me, so I doubt I'd miss them. But apparently I could keep them, anyway, if want.

    3) LOL! That's "Too Much Information."

    1. What you need is a way to show your age without needing pills, as I, apparently, just did.