Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Here, Have Some Random Links

10 Life Lessons from Calvin & Hobbes: Definitely one of the better places from which to draw life lessons. Awww, man, I miss Calvin & Hobbes.

Extermimaze! Extermimaze! Doctor Who fan creates huge Dalek that covers an entire 18-acre maize field: The single most amazing thing to have been done with plants since the dawn of agriculture.

How to Live with Introverts: Not that much different from a million other "how to live with introverts" guides on the web, and not as useful as some, but I just had to link to it, mainly because I now desperately want to be able to tell extroverts to stop stealing my sweet, sweet energy juices.


  1. Nice selection (and don't think I didn't notice the introvert heading straight for the bookshelf).

    1. Books are balm for the introvert soul. (Which I could use some of right now, I think.)