Friday, June 07, 2013

I'm Not Doing So Great With That "Update This Blog More Often" Resolution, But, Hey, There's Always This.

Current clothes: A red plaid bathrobe. Any minute now, though, I'm going to go and put some actual clothes on. Yep. Any minute now.

Current mood: Eh. I have a lot of stuff I really need to do today, and I'm having some trouble working up the enthusiasm to tackle it all.

Current music: More random songs from my music collection. As I recall, the iPod's random shuffle feature seemed to be in a heavy-duty classic rock kind of mood last time I had it on. At one point it gave me Billy Joel, Dire Straits, CCR, Jethro Tull, and the Who, all back to back.

Current annoyance: Man, lately I've been feeling this sort of generalized irritation that is hard to pin down onto any one thing. Possibly I'm just having some kind of low-key midlife crisis.

Current thing: Wistfully wishing that I could spend an entire week doing nothing but lying on the couch and reading, and then when I actually get a nice block of time in which to do that, getting too easily distracted from it and getting up to do other stuff after all.

Current desktop picture: Still the same Earth from space picture as last time.

Current book: The Infernals by John Connolly, the sequel to his YA novel The Gates. It's fun.

Current song in head: For the last few days, songs have been flitting in and out of my head in rapid succession, at the merest hint of anything that remotely reminds me of them.

Current refreshment: Nothing at the moment. I just finished my morning coffee not all that long ago. I slept a bit later than I probably should have today, given that I have to be up early for work tomorrow.

Current DVD in player: Just finished disc 1 of season 2 of Northern Exposure. Which, while still enjoyable, doesn't seem quite as thoroughly charming as I remember it being back in the day, possibly just because its particular brand of quirkiness is no longer novel.

Current worry: I think I'll let today's xkcd address this one:

Current thought: Bah, I'm hungry, and I haven't had breakfast. And the catbox smells. And I really need to put some clothes on. Any minute now...

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