Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Continuing Memoirs Of a Biblioholic

By the way, do you know how many books I've bought this month? One. That's right. One. And I've read eleven[*] (including that biography of Albert Einstein I've been intending to get around to since approximately 1905), which means my total To-Read Pile has gone down by a nice, round ten. Which is still a drop in the bucket, but, you know, it's a biggish drop. I might just kick this addiction yet!

To celebrate, I'm going to take myself to the Friends of the Library sale on Saturday.

[*] Twelve, if I finish the one I'm currently on today, but that seems unlikely, as I'm not very far into it, and I do need to do things other than read today. Sadly.


  1. I'd make some sort of sarcastic comment, except that I'm typing this at the library, with books all around me. :) Incidentally, those seven books I bought (at the used bookstore) the other day, figuring I'd need them for entertainment after I move to Tulsa, are finished already. It's a good thing I printed a map to the used bookstore there! (I'll go to the grocery store first, I promise.)

    1. Yes, finishing them just means you have an excuse to buy more!

      And since I was very restrained when you were here and didn't go rooting through your bag to see if you got anything good... Did you get anything good?