Tuesday, December 25, 2012

So This Is Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

I'm having a nice, low-key solo holiday this year. I did have an invite up to Albuquerque, which I appreciated, but after working long, annoying hours for the last few days, I'm feeling a lot less like long drives and social contact, and a lot more like lying around the house eating candy canes in my pajamas. So that's what I'm doing. (My pajama pants have pictures of the Grinch on them, so they are appropriately holiday-themed.) I do have a little Cornish game hen to cook up later, as well as pie, and my homemade fruitcake-that-challenges-all-the-stereotypes-about-fruitcake, although there's not much of that left. And, of course, I have opened all my presents, every one of which made me happy and was much appreciated. Many thanks to all the lovely people in my life for their thoughtfulness! And to all of you, whatever you're doing today, whether you celebrate this particular holiday or not, I hope you all have a warm, happy, wonderful day.


  1. A day late, but merry Christmas!

  2. I read this entry too fast. I thought you said [just] "one of which made me happy", and I was thinking, "Gee, I'd feel bad for everyone else if it were mine." :) (I'm glad I didn't outshine anyone else.)

    1. Hee! No, yours were great, but so was everybody else's. :)