Friday, September 16, 2011

Yep, Totally Ready!

Well, I picked out which books to take with me to Hawaii. That's the important part of the preparation, right?


  1. Absolutely!

    I found it very freeing -- not to mention lighter -- on my recent trip to Canada, to be able to take the iPad instead of any books.

    Of course, I managed not to read any of the books on it until the bus ride back. (Sightseeing and bad-novel-writing took up my time.)

    I guess the question is: how many books have you packed?

  2. But I like books! Also, I don't have an iPad. And I like books!

    And I've got, um, seven. Plus the one I'm reading now, if I don't finish it before I leave. Which is almost certainly more than I need, but I have a deep-deated fear of being trapped on a plane with nothing to read.