Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Random Links For August

So You're Mad About Something on the Internet: How to determine whether or not you're being a huge dick on the inernet. May be slightly NSFW, on account of the somewhat literal interpretation of the word "dick."

Captain Sisko: the greatest 'Trek' captain of all?: I'm still voting for Picard, but I think this guy makes a pretty good case.

This Is Your Brain on Memes: Look, it's a picture of my brain! Well, except for the comic book center.

Disturbing face distortion illusion: Aargh, it's creepy! Make it stop!

15 Ad Campaigns From After the Apocalypse: Because if you think the apocalypse is going to put an end to ads, you're too naive to live. Possibly mildly NSFW.


  1. I think I saw myself a couple of times in that distortion illusion. Scary