Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The General State Of Things

So, um, apparently I've posted here exactly twice this month. Honestly, I swear, I don't know where the hell May came from so suddenly or where it's going to so fast. But I guess I should at least put in a "still not dead" appearance once in a while. So, what's going on at the moment?

Well, first the bad news: my dad called a couple of days ago to say that he was going into the hospital again. Pancreatitis. I try not to worry too much; he's had it before and I'm sure he'll be okay. Still, it sounds like a whole lot of no fun. Get well soon, Dad!

On a happier note, I really did enjoy those five days in a row off that this month's weird work schedule shuffle accidentally gave me. Mostly I spent them getting stuff done around the house and watching DVDs and playing Portal 2. (Which I still haven't quite finished, by the way. The people who complain that game is too short are clearly much better at it than I am.) I have now gone back to work feeling much more relaxed. Which is good, because later this month and into the beginning of June I'm going to have to pay for that lovely time off by working some long-ass weeks.

Also happy-making was the most recent episode of Doctor Who, brought to us by the inimitable Neil Gaiman. I'm still walking around smiling about that one like the sappy fangirl I am.

Otherwise, I have not much to say. Other than, you know, I aten't dead.


  1. Hope your dad feels better soon!

    And that really was a delightful episode of Doctor Who, wasn't it?

  2. It was! A really great example of how to do a fan-pleasing episode well.

  3. Also, I just heard from my dad and he is, indeed, doing much better. He'll probably be going home tomorrow.

  4. Yay for you not being dead. :-)

    I'm sorry about your dad's pancreatitis; I hope that he's feeling better soon.

    I haven't yet seen the Doctor Who episode, but I've recorded it. (I hope...) I'm looking forward to it!

  5. Yes, I'm happy about not being dead. :) I'm also pleased to report that Dad's doing much better already. He sounded a heck of a lot better when I talked to him on the phone today.

    And I'm sure you'll enjoy the Who ep! It's one of the rare few that pretty much everybody seems to like.

  6. Your Pop StillMay 19, 2011 9:00 PM

    In fact I am home. Thanks to all for your good thoughts.

    I love the idea of Tardis being "human". The actress was very convincing. I had to laugh outloud at Rory. Good Stuff.

  7. Glad to hear you're home and OK! Hope the stupid pancreas behaves itself in future!

    And, yes,the acting was terrific, as was the writing. And I do love Rory. He is the pretty one. :)

  8. Since your father is doing so well, perhaps it's not in too bad taste to admit that I found your typo of "Pancreatits" rather amusing. (When I go away on vacation, it seems that you have to manage without a proof reader.)

  9. D'oh! Nobody else seems to have noticed it until you pointed it out! Including me. :)

    I'm going to fix it now. That's just too embarrassing.