Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Random Links, Heavy On The Videos This Time

Venture Bros. Season 4.2 Comic-Con Trailer: Trailer for the new season half-season episodes of Venture Bros. It looks promisingly violent and crazy.

Spicks and Spicks | Manta | Doctor Who theme - Ep 27, 2010: I must have something like 20 different versions of that tune on my iPod,and I'm pretty sure none of them features a didgeridoo. I'm kind of sad about that now.

Do tigers like catnip?: Judging by this video, the answer is an overwhelming "yes." Soon, I fear all these big cats will be out on the street desperately trying to score another bag.

Urge. To. Torrent. Rising...: This is why I almost never go to the movies anymore.


  1. You have to admit that the digeridoo certainly fits well with the theme. So does the cello for that matter. Play the violin, though, and it sounds a bit too much like the Sherlock Holmes theme from Mystery!.

  2. Yeah, they really do work amazingly well.

  3. Yes, I'm here. I should update. But I haven't been doing anything at all, really, except working and sleeping and reading.